Special Education Closure Resources

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Parents of Special Education students --

Please read the following letter from Jennifer Tindall, Director of Special Education Services for Lapeer Community Schools. Once you have read the letter, please take advantage of the online resources below throughout the remainder of the school district closure. 

April 15, 2020MDE Family Matters on Extended Time Away for Parents
• April 8, 2020: Letter to Special Education Parents

Parent letter from Jennifer Tindall, Director of Special Education

Online Resources for Special Education Students


Virtual Field Trips




Speech and Language

Free Apps:

One Minute Articulation

Speech Box

Articulation Station

WH Questions

Regular Verb Fun Deck

Irregular Verb Fun Deck

Irregular Plural Fun Deck

Following Direction Fun Deck


Mommy Speech Therapy

Quia Books

Video Learning Squad: Social Skills Squad

Autism Educator: What is Coronavirus?

Home Speech Home

Unite for Literacy

Summer homework calendars for articulation

Summer homework calendars for language



Physical and Occupational Therapy

Free Apps: 

Handwriting Without Tears-Wet dry try 

Lively Letters 

Letter School  

OGStar reading 

Writing Wizard 

Cursive Writing Wizard   

Simplex Spelling Apps 

Hearbuilder Apps  

Teach Monster 

Word Wizard 

Bd bakeoff 

Snap Words 

What’s changed? 



Preschool University 

Name that syllable/rule/cutting patterns 


Go Noodle Videos and Games

Motor Skills Activities

Mommy Popkins Obstacle Course

Kids Master Skills Packets


The Autism Helper

Cait the COTA 

Little Miss Kims Class

Tools to grow OT


Dance Mat typing


Social-Emotional (Social Work) Therapy

Free Apps:

Daniel Tiger’s Grrrific Feelings

Breathe, Think, Go with Sesame

Touch and Learn Emotion

Emotional ABC Classroom

The Social Express

Smiling Minds

Mindful Powers

Mind Yeti


Live Lessons

Monday’s at 10am students/families can go to 

“The Nerdy School Social Worker” on Facebook for a free live social emotional lesson. 


Online Learning activities



Some social skill and emotion activities 

Emotion activities from Sesame Street

A 30-day calendar of social emotional activities for kids



Resources for Disability Specific

Digital Social Story

Digital Timer: (Good for keeping a routine or setting limits for time on tasks.)

Social-Emotional Videos/Read-a louds/activities & Lessons for Early Childhood/Lower EL (can search by age and topics)



Activities/lessons sorted by grade levels

Enter Code: SCHOOL7771 to set up a free family account (lower el/early childhood)



Enter Code: SCHOOL7771 to set up a free account (preschool through 6th grade)



Enter Code: SCHOOL 7771 for a free account (3rd-8th grade)



Free Read-Alouds




Deaf and Hard of Hearing

The Listening Room
Infants & Toddlers, Kids, and Teens & Adults.

Sign Language Social stories about social distancing and coronavirus:

Visually Impaired

Pinna (app that is free for 30 days that has audio books for children along with music and jokes)
(Students can listen to the short video clips on Netflix then complete the handouts on the site-variety of topics)

(STEM & educational activities for kids)

(Expanded Core Curriculum thru the Eyes of Sesame Street)

(all about Braille)

Epic books 
(audio books for kids)

Tap Tap See 
(app that describes objects around the room)