Business, Finance, & Operations
 Business, Finance, and Operations Department
   Administration and Services Center
 250 Second Street
 Lapeer, MI  48446

  staff:  Mark Rajter  Assistant Superintendent for Business, Finance, and Operations
phone:  (810) 538-1611  
fax:  (810) 667-2411  
   Danielle Corbeil  Director of Finance
   Margaret Kulman  Bookkeeper (Contact for Accounts Receivable & PaySchools)
   Christine MacRae  Accounts Payable (Vendor Invoices)
   Krista Trevithick  Supervisor of Business Office and Employee Services
   Lori Seguin  Payroll, Insurance, P.O.
   Myra Bray  Payroll, Insurance, P.O.
phone:  (810) 538-1622  
fax:  (810) 667-2407  
   Patty Sills  Secretary, Operations Department
   Mark Misener  Supervisor of Facilities/Grounds
   Dining Services  
phone:  (810) 538-1648  
fax:  (810) 667-2407  
   Joanne VanHouten  Director, Food Service
   Nicole Patridge  Secretary, Food Service
phone:  (810) 667-2433  
fax:  (810) 667-2497  
   Linda Thompson  Director, Transportation
   Brenda Wells  Coordinator, Transportation
   Tina Flores  Secretary, Transportation
   Theresa Henry  Secretary, Transportation